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3 W. Somerset Maugham Theatre Home reading guide Unit 1: Chapters 1-3 Vocabulary notes 1. notwithstanding prep adv despite (the fact or thing mentioned) 2. cordial adj friendly or welcoming 3. emblazon v [T always + prep; usually passive] to make very noticeable 4. stunning adj extremely beautiful or attractive 5. ragged adj not in good condition; torn or uneven 6. drag smth out of smb vt to force smb to tell you smth 7. deprecating [deprket] adj 1. disapproving; 2. showing that you feel embarrassed, esp. by praise 8. obstinate [bstnt] adj unreasonably determined, esp. to act in a particular way and not to change at all stubborn 9. roguishness [ru ns] n a tendency to behave in a way which is not approved 10. wring vt to hold smth tightly with both hands and twist by turning your hands in opposite directions 11. perseverance [p:svrns] n continued effort and determination 12. concubinage [knkjubn] n fml the practice of living together as husband and wife without being married 13. boisterous adj noisy, energetic and rough 14. verisimilitude [versmltju:d] n fml the quality of seeming the true or to having the appearance of reality 15. pursue vt to follow, etc; try to form a romantic relationship with smb 16. relentless adj continuing in a severe or determined way 17. sumptuous [smpts] adj luxurious and showing wealth 18. thumping adj, adv infml very (big) 19. reproach vt to criticize someone, esp. for not being successful or not doing what is expected 20. equanimity [ekwnmt] n fml calmness and self-control, esp. after a shock or disappointment or in a difficult situation A. Training Exercises 1. Give English equivalents for the following words and expressions and use them in sentences of your own:

; ; ; ;

; -, ; ; , ; ; - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; , ; ; .

2. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases from the book and reproduce the contexts in which they occur:

to get over smth; cant get over smth; to turn grey; to set ones mind to (on) smth; to be staggered; to take ones breath away; to do smb a service; to come (get) down to brass tacks; to work ones guts out; a good deal; asset; to go into management; to spend money on smth; to fail to notice; to run ones own theatre; to fork out.

3. Give synonyms for:

to be crazy; filthy; shy; ragged; arrogant; hardship; to chuckle; outstanding; serene;

to find out; witty.

4. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form, infinitive (with or without to) or ing form.

1. The young man forced himself _ (make) a remark.

2. I dont eat bread because Im afraid of (get) fat.

3. Im not very keen on _ (act) any more.

4. He loved _ (act), but his physique prevented him from _ (play) any but a few parts, which was fortunate, for he was a bad actor.

5. He was eager (get on) and seemed determined not to let any entanglement _ (interfere) with his career.

6. This did not prevent Julia from _ (fall) madly in love with him.

7. Ive lived in the theatre since I was a kid just out of a board school, and what I dont know about acting isnt worth _ (know).

8. Do you think Im going to work my guts out to make you (give) a few decent performances and 9. She liked him for counting the pennies, and, inclined _ (be) extravagant herself and always a week or two behind with her rent, she admired him because he hated _ (be) in debt and even with the small salary he was getting managed _ (save up) a little every week.

10. It was bound _ (lead) to trouble.

11. She insists on _ (play) with him 12. She was so touched that he should give her anything that she could not help _ (cry).

13. I dont believe one could hope _ (make) a success in London unless one were pretty well known already.

14. Of course if one did that, one ought _ (make) a point of acting together so that the public got accustomed to _ (see) the two names on the small bill.

15. And I wouldnt mind _ (make) an exception in your favour if it would amuse you to come.

5. a) Write out of the text all the adjectives describing:

a) a person; b) some place; c) smile.

b) Find in the text sentences in which the words: gaze, glance, look and stare are used. Look up the verbs in the dictionary and explain the difference in their meaning.

B. Speech Exercises 1. Speak on the following topics using words and word combinations from the text:

1. Julia and Michaels house.

2. Julia Lambert.

3. Michael Gosselyn.

4. Jimmie Langton and his attitude to his company.

5. The young man, who was introduced to Julia.

2. Give your impression of the main characters.

3. Comment on Michaels words: Ones got to be ones own master.

4. Compose the dialogues between:

Julia and the young man Julia and Jimmie Langton Julia and Michael 5. Answer the following questions:

1. Who introduced the young man to Julia Why What was the first impression the man produced on her What kind of man was he What kind of woman was Julia 2. Why did Michael allow the young man to come to their rehearsal Was he going to act in the play What did he say about the public 3. Julia handed one of her photographs to the young man, didnt she What was her behaviour like 4. What did Julias old photographs remind her of 5. Michael had started with Shakespeare. But he realized that Shakespeare would get him nowhere and that if he wanted to become a leading actor he must gain experience in modern plays. Who did he write and ask to see him Why What happened to Michael after their meeting 6. Where was Julia born and brought up Who gave her first lessons What was Julia taught by her first teacher 7. Who suggested making Julia the greatest actress in England What were they talking about 8. Julia accepted Jimmies offer. How did she play under his direction 9. Why did Julia fall in love with Michael at first sight What kind of man was Michael What were his views on marriage Do you agree with him What do you think about Julia and Michaels relations Unit 2: Chapters 4-Vocabulary notes:

1. enchanting adj charming 2. embarrass vt to cause to feel anxious and uncomfortable; embarrassment n 3. courteous adj polite and respectful 4. embroider v to decorate cloth with patterns or pictures consisting of stitches that are sewn directly onto the material, or to create (a pattern or picture) using such stitches; embroidery [mbrdr] n 5. conceal v to prevent smth from being seen or known about; to hide smth 6. contuse vt to mix up (someones mind or ideas), or to make smth difficult to understand; confused adj; confusing adj; confusion n 7. do over v esp. Br and Aus infml to attack violently 8. lumber vi to move slowly and awkwardly 9. gait n a way of walking 10. release vt to give freedom or free movement to someone or smth 11. vow vt to make (a determined decision or promise) to do smth 12. divine adj 1) God-like; connected with a god or like a god; 2) splendid divinely adv 13. click 1) vt to strike or move with a click; 2) vi to make a click, esp. a result of movement; 3) vi (with) infml to suddenly become clear or be understood; 4) vi (with) infml to be a success 14. alacrity n eager and cheerful reading 15. deserve v to have earned or to be given smth because of the way you have behaved; be worthy of 16. revive v to come or bring smth back to life, health, existence or use 17. haughty [h:t] adj (of people or they behavior) seeming to consider oneself better or more important than others; arrogant; haughtily adv 18. condescend [kndsend] vi 1) to do smth unsuited to ones high social or professional position; 2) to behave as though one is better or more important than others 19. withdraw v to take or move out or back, or to remove 20. mortify vt to cause someone to feel extremely ashamed A. Training Exercises 1.Find in the text the following words and phrases and translate the sentences in which they are used:

an entirely undistinguished career; to be upset; to take smb, smth for granted; to work like a dog; beneath smbs dignity; to pull yourself together; to kick ones heels, to take smb a second (some minutes) to do smth; to take a risk.

2. Suggest words or word combinations for the following:

1) a put-up job 2) at ease 3) to be capable of doing smth 4) on the road 5) hospitable 6) to walk at random 7) a fortnight 8) extravagant 9) to be deeply mortified 3. Reproduce the situations in which the words and phrases from the list occur.

4.Give antonyms to:

old-fashioned; detached; sensible; delighted; to conceal; haughtily; to save; joy;


5. Many adjectives are followed by certain prepositions. Put a preposition from the box into each gap. Some are used more than once.

To Of With For In 1. The public isnt really interested _ the theatre.

2. It was a well-known fact that it was one of the best houses of its period and one was proud _ it.

3. They were jealous _ London.

4. She taught her not to be afraid _ her own voice.

5. For some months Michael was so much occupied _ his own parts.

6. She was never tired _ praising his beauty.

7. She saw that he was anxious _ her to make a good impression.

8. Well, good luck to you. And dont forget youre much too good _ him.

9. Id rather marry him and be a failure than be a success and married _ somebody else.

6.Explain the meaning of the following words and expressions:

to take stock of smb, smth; to propose; a burden; to be a flop; to grin and bear it; a tight-wad; to put up with.

B. Speech Exercises 1.Introduce the new characters.

2.Discuss the chapters youve read along the following lines:

1. Julias visit to Michaels parents.

2. Julia and Michaels behaviour after their engagement.

3. Julias talk with Jimmie Langton.

4. Michaels coming from America.

3.Find in the text words and phrases describing:

1) peoples looks;

2) gestures;

3) emotions.

4. Answer the following questions:

1. Why did Julia receive a letter from Mrs. Gosselyn 2. What kind of reception did Mr. and Mrs. Gosselyn give to Julia What happened on Sunday evening Retell the events as they would be told by Julia (Michael).

3. What did Julia feel sitting in an armchair in the lobby of the hotel and waiting for Michael while he was having a talk with an American manager Would you accept the managers offer if you were Michael 4. Why did Julia decide to pop up and see Jimmie What do you think of their conversation 5. What happened to Michael after a fortnight of rehearsals 6. Did Michael like America What did he say about it and the Americans Have you ever been to America Do you agree with Michael 7. Describe the way Julia and Michael spent the night when Michael came back from America. What did Julia feel Unit 3: Chapters 7-Vocabulary notes:

1. placid adj having a calm appearance or characteristics; placidity n 2. allurement n something that attracts, charms or tempts 3. adroit adj quick and skilful in using mind or hand; adroitly adv 4. extort vt to obtain by force or treat, or with difficulty 5. voluptuous [vlptus] adj 1. sexually attractive; 2. a) giving a fine delight to the senses; b) giving a satisfying feeling of rest and enjoyment 6. abstinence n the act of keeping away from pleasant things, esp. from alcoholic drink 7. amorous adj feeling or expressing love, esp. sexual love 8. dismay n a feeling of shock which might be mixed with hopelessness or fear 9. coltish adj playful and lively, but in an awkward uncontrolled way 10. confinement n the situation of being kept somewhere usually by force or (medical) the period during which a woman is in bed for the birth of her child 11. vanity n the quality of being vain; unreasonable pride in ones appearance, abilities 12. urge v to strongly advise or ask (someone) to do a particular thing or for (smth) to happen 13. notoriety n the state of being famous for something bad 14. disconcert v to make (someone) feel suddenly uncertain and worried;

disconcerting adj 15. brim n the top edge of a cup, bowl; esp. with regard to how full it is; brim v to be full to the brim 16. amiable adj pleasant and well-intentioned; amiability n 17. discourage vt 1. to make (someone) fell less confident, enthusiastic and positive about smth, or less willing to do smth; 2. to prevent 18. exorbitant [gz:btnt] adj (of prices, demands, etc) much too large 19. conciliate v to end a disagreement by acting in a friendly way 20. conciliatory [knslt()r] adj trying to conciliate 21. exasperate vt to cause anger or extreme annoyance in someone, sometimes mixed with surprise, or disappointment A. Training Exercises 1. Many adjectives are followed by certain prepositions. Fill each gap with a preposition from the box. Some are used more than once.

To Of For In With 1. She was jealous _ his friends at the Green Room Club, jealous _ the games that took him away from her.

2. Michael was pleased _ everything; even the price seemed to him reasonable.

3. In the end the money was found by a rich woman, and not an old one either, but who was interested not _ him but _ Julia.

4. Everything was ready _ the venture except the capital.

5. But she would not listen to his persuasion and was indifferent _ his coldness.

6. He spoke as though he was directly responsible _ its success.

7. He knew what she was capable _, and familiar _ her every inflection, every glance of her wonderful eyes 8. She could not but admit that Michael was as careful _ her money as _ his own.

9. Im tired _ answering the childs questions.

2. There are many nouns and prepositions that go together. Fill the gaps with a preposition from the box. Some are used more than once.

In With Out of Of On For 1. She had a passion _ the stage.

2. Photographs _ them, singly and together, with and without Roger, appeared in the weeklies.

3. Lor lumme, whats the matter _ the old lady now 4. When people were _ trouble, and on the stage they too often are, they got sympathy and kind friendly words from Michael, but very little cash.

5. He hankered for compliments and beamed _ delight when he had managed to extract one.

6. An actress _ a job had only to tell him to his face that he was too handsome to be true for him to think that she might do for a part he had in mind.

7. She took up half a dozen _ his photographs at random and looked at them carefully one by one.

8. We had a lot of fun _ our honeymoon.

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