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Министерство общего и профессионального образования Методические указания Российской Федерации Восточно-Сибирский государственный технологический Контрольная работа по английскому языку № 4 предназначена университет для студентов 2 курса заочного обучения экономических специально стей при изучении цикла «Деловой английский язык». Контрольные задания представляют собой грамматические упражнения, тексты для чтения и перевода, предтекстовые и послетекстовые задания в виде вопросов с множественным выбором ответов в соответствии с содержанием текстов. Тексты представляют собой аутентичный ма териал, заимствованный из оригинальных публикаций.

Выполняя данные задания, студент должен:

• уметь узнавать грамматические формы в предложении и тексте;

Методические указания и контрольная работа • уметь самостоятельно раскрывать значения незнакомых слов по по английскому языку № 4 их элементам и контексту;

для студентов 2 курса заочного обучения экономических специально• уметь выделять отдельные факты, основную мысль текста, соотстей носить отдельные факты между собой.

Инструкции к выполнению контрольных работ 1. Контрольная работа № 4 составлена в пяти вариантах. Выбор правильного варианта исчисляется в соответствии с последней цифрой зачетной книжки студента, деленной на два. Если последняя цифра вашей зачетной книжки оканчивается 1-2, Вы выполняете вариант 1, 3-4 – вариант 2, 5-6 - вариант 3, 7-8 – вариант 4 и 9-10 Составитель: Бидагаева Ц. Д.

– 5.

2. Выполняйте контрольную работу в отдельной тетради. На обложке напишите свою фамилию, имя, отчество и шифр, номер контрольной работы и вариант.

3. Материал выполненной контрольной работы следует располагать в тетради по следующему образцу:

Поля Левая страница Правая страница Поля Задание: Русское предложение Английское предло- или текст Улан-Удэ жение или текст 2003 1 4. Не забудьте написать задание или инструкцию к каждому упраж- Вариант нению или тексту. 1. Make sure you know all the key vocabulary:

5. При неполном или неправильном оформлении контрольная рабо- та возвращается обратно студенту без проверки. trade: the activity of buying, selling, or exchanging goods or ser vices between people, firms, or countries; a medium of exРекомендации change ( = commerce).

Для правильного выполнения контрольной работы № 4 необходи- hire: if you hire someone, you pay them to do a particular job for мо усвоить следующие разделы курса грамматики английского языка: you ( contract).

1. Имя числительное и числовые выражения;

2. Видовременная система английского глагола; purchase: to buy sth; the action or process of buying sth; a thing 3. Временные выражения и наречия времени; bought.

4. Сослагательное наклонение. Сложноподчиненные предложения с условным придаточным предложением первого, второго и третье- merchant = trader: a person who buys or sells goods in large quantities, го типов. especially one who imports and exports them.

Условные обозначения семантических отношений labour: very hard work, often work that does not need a lot of skill.

между словами.

value: the worth of sth in terms of money or other goods for which 1. Символ “=” указывает, что следующее за ним слово является си- it can be exchanged; the worth of sth compared with the нонимом, т.е. словом с очень близким значением к исходному price paid for it.


2. Символ “” указывает, что следующее за ним слово имеет более earn: to get money by working, to get money as profit or interest широкое значение, т.е. более общее или родовое понятие, вклю- on a loan or an investment.

чающее в себя значение предыдущего исходного слова.

3. Символ “” указывает, что следующее за ним слово является ан- perishable: (esp. of food) likely to decay or go bad quickly: perishable тонимом, т.е. словом с противоположным значением. goods / commodity.

4. Символ “” обозначает трансформацию между предложениями.

preserve: to keep sth in its original state or in good condition; to pre vent sth., esp. food from decaying by treating it in a particu lar way.

a down payment = deposit: a sum of money, which is part of the total cost of something and which is paid immediately when you buy the thing.

goods: (pl) things for sale, merchandise; movable property. 3/5 three fifth 5.30 five thirty a.m., five thirty p.m., half past five in the article: (зд.) a particular object or item. morning, half past five in the afternoon, seventeen thirty supply: the act of providing someone with it; the amount of a com- modity that can be produced and made available for people 6.45 (o’clock) 759,000 $ 1 bln 4/to buy. 80 % 300,500 673 0. 10 January, 2003 329 0.9 102.shortage: a situation where there is not enough of sth or where the supply of sth begins to decrease. V. Decide which of these time prepositions completes each sentence:

II. Cross the word which is odd in the category: in – in – in – on – on – at – at – (nothing) a) carry bear bring take 1. The championship is … 2006.

b) reach achieve succeed arrive 2. … April, 2002.

c) perish preserve collapse rot 3. … 27-th of May.

d) value estimate assess neglect 4. … Sunday.

e) difficulty problem help trouble 5. … 10 o’clock.

6. … next year.

III. Match the five pairs of words, which have similar meanings: 7. … the afternoon.

8. … twelve noon.

merchant contract goods keep, mountain VI. Which time expressions from the box complete which sentence preserve trader (Some of the expressions are suitable for more than one sentence). Do the hire commerce sentences and time expressions refer to the past, present or future Put a trade merchandise tick next to the sentence in the table.

IV. Write in full and say all the numbers and numerical symbols like this: ago – already – at the moment – before – last year – next month – now – recently – since - soon – this week – yet – for a long time Model: 17 May the seventeenth of May 1981 nineteen eighty-one $2.1 m two point one million dollars Past Present Future 344 three hundred and forty-four 1. The company was established 50 years ….

1/2 a (one) half 2. Have you signed the contract … 1/3 a (one) third 3. Our competitors have … expanded their 1/4 a (one) quarter market.

4. The partners are negotiating the purchase of electronic goods …. Unreal condition: If + S + Past Simple Verb Form, 5. I haven’t heard from her ….

Its Results: S + would + Simple Infinite Form 6. I’m getting married ….

7. They got married ….

1. Governments do not impose tax. It is impossible to rule any country.

8. He hasn’t visited us …. …he left for Mos2. I am the Queen. I have servants.


3. She marries a millionaire. She does not work hard to get money.

9. I have known you … a long time.

4. Our partnership flourishes. We merge with some other one to make a corporation.

5. His sole trade goes bankruptcy. He is ruined.

6. His business fails. He becomes a bankrupt.

VII. Combine these pairs of sentences using the first conditional like this:

IX. Practise the forms of the third conditional by combining these pairs of The dollar is devalued. Oil costs less.

sentences, like this:

If the dollar is devalued, oil will cost less.

There was a shortage of soya products. The price of vegetables oil rose.

Real condition: If + S + Present Simple Verb Form, If there hadn’t been a shortage of soya products, the price of vegetable oils Its Results: S + will + Indefinite Infinitive Form wouldn’t have risen.

1. Your work hard to save up some money. Unreal condition in the Past: If + S + Past Perfect Verb Form, You look for a safe place to store it.

Its Results: S + would + Perfect Infinitive Form 2. My girlfriend wins the First Price at the Olympiad. She gets a lot of could money.

might 3. The Americans launch war at the Persian Gulf. The oil price goes up.

4. The oil price decreases. The dollar is devalued.

1. On October 1st the Buyers paid 10,000. The amount of the guaran5. The dollar is devalued. Financial stabilization is broken.

tee automatically diminished.

6. Financial situation worsens. Prices go up.

2. We shipped the goods at irregular intervals in separate lots. We broke 7. Prices go up. Inflation rises.

the terms of the contract.

3. All the spare parts were not available for immediate delivery. We VIII. Combine these pairs of sentences in the second conditional, like this:

couldn’t deliver them to our partners.

4. Pure wasn’t a good demand for these goods from China. The sole tradPrices of eight of the most traded commodities rise. Fall in demand is ers’ turnover didn’t flourish.


5. It was very hot last summer. The price of vegetables went up.

If prices of eight of the world’s most traded commodities rose, fall in de6. The price of electricity rose. The living standard decreased.

mand would be modest.

X. Read the text and answer the question: required to earn the purchase price.

What function does money fulfil 5. Third, money is also a "storehouse of value." A farmer might not be Money able to hold his crops for a very long time because they are perishable. But the results of his labor can be preserved for the future if he is paid in 1. In the days of primitive man, thousands of years ago, money was not money.

used. Whenever a man wanted something he did not make or raise himself, Fourth, money serves as a "standard for future payments." Suppose that he had to find another person who possessed the desired article. Then he the dealer from whom you purchase your bicycle lets you have the bicycle had to offer something in exchange. It was not always this easy to find after you make a down payment of five dollars. You then agree to pay the people who were willing to trade. This troublesome method is known as rest of the cost at a later date. You will not pay in eggs, baseballs, or roller the “barter system”. skates. You both recognize the value of money as a form in which later 2. Primitive men first used as money things to wear or eat. In countries payments can be made.

where cattle were raised cows were often accepted as money. The American Indians used carved shells called wampum when they bought or sold The Characteristics of Good Money articles. Such things as tobacco, grains, skins, salt, beads have also been 6. Gold and silver have come to be used as money because they have used as money. These many varieties of money were eventually replaced certain characteristics which meet the requirements of good money.

by pieces of metal, particularly gold and silver.

Whatever is used as money must be generally desired by all people, or else it will not be generally accepted in payment for goods or services that What Money Does for You are sold. It must be an article which is scarce, but not too scarce, so that 3. The very complicated system of trade which now exists the supply cannot be suddenly changed. An increase in supply would dewould be impossible without money. First, money serves as a medium of crease the value of the article so that it could not serve well as a yardstick exchange. Suppose that you are eager to buy a bicycle, and that you must of value. The American colonists, who often used tobacco as money, soon earn enough money to pay for it. You may do this, perhaps, by mowing learned that it was not very suitable. When crops were good the value of lawns for people in your neighborhood. You would have some difficulty in tobacco would fall. When there was a shortage because of crop failures finding a person who has a bicycle to sell and who, at the same time, tobacco would be valued very highly.

would be willing to hire you to mow his lawn. Therefore you mow lawns 7. Money must also be easily recognized, so that persons can tell its value for many different people who pay you with money for your services. at a glance. It must wear well, because it will pass often from hand to With this money you can go to a bicycle shop and make your purchase. hand. Its value will be decreased if it wears out in the process of being exThe merchant accepts your money and you get your bicycle. Money has changed many times. It must also be readily divisible to provide for fracperformed a service for you. It has enabled you to exchange your labor for tional values. Good money must be easy to carry around, but it cannot be something you wanted. too small, or it will be easily lost.

4. Second, money serves as a "yardstick of value." This means that money may be used to measure and compare the values of various things. You English, 27/2001, page may value your services in mowing a lawn at 75 cents an hour. The bicycle you wish to buy may be priced at $40.00. You would have to work XI. Complete the statements, selecting the letter of the best choice:

about 53.5 hours to buy the bicycle. By learning the price asked for all kinds of products, you may measure their value in terms of the work 1. The best means of exchange is supposed to be _.

a) gold and silver; the end of the Stone Age.

b) money;

c) things to wear or eat;

XIII. Explain the reason for your choice:

d) animals.

How many sides does a coin have 2. Gold and silver were generally accepted as the means of exchange be A.1 C. cause they _.

B. 2 D. a) possessed the qualities of good money;

b) were easy to carry around;

XIV. Rewrite paragraphs 3, 6, 7 and translate them from English into c) were readily divisible to provide for smaller parts.

Russian in a written form.

3. Tobacco was not accepted as a universal means of exchange because.

a) its value would fall with crop failures;

b) it could not serve well as a yard stick of value;

c) only part of the population smokes.

4. The main characteristics of money is that.

a) it is scarce;

b) it does not wear out in the process of being exchanged;

c) it is desired by all the people.

XII. Make up statements matching phrases from column A with phrases from column B:

Column A Column B 1. In the days of primitive man, a) used as money things to wear or money eat.

2. The troublesome method of ex- b) are the first and oldest form of changing things money.

3. Primitive men first c) was not used.

4. Cattle, which include anything d) is known as the barter system.

from cows and sheep, to camels e) were widely available in the 5. Bronze and Copper cowrie imi- shallow waters of the Pacific tations and Indian Oceans.

f) were manufactured by China at Вариант II b) arrive reach achieve succeed c) announce suit state declare 1. Make sure you know all the key vocabulary: d) shape form figure character e) perform erect act play issue: to publish books, articles, etc; to put stamps, money, etc into general use. III. Match the five pairs of words, which have similar meanings:

banknote: a piece of paper money with a particular value. use temporary permit bill currently: the system of money used in a country. banknote manufacture produce apply depreciation: the state when sth, usually currency, becomes less valuable interim allow or important.

IV. Write in full and say all the numbers and numerical symbols like this:

ratify: to make an agreement, a contract, etc officially valid, usu- ally by signing it. Model: 17 May the seventeenth of May 1981 nineteen eighty-one coinage: coins; the process of making coins. $2.1 m two point one million dollars 344 three hundred and forty-four coinage system: the system of coins in use. 1/2 a (one) half 1/3 a (one) third redeemable: possible to exchange for a particular sum of money or for 1/4 a (one) quarter goods. 3/5 three fifth 5.31 five thirty a.m., five thirty p.m., half past five in the print: (sth in/on sth) to press a mark or design on a surface. morning, half past five in the afternoon, seventeen thirty seal: a special design that is the official mark of a person or or- ganization fixed to sth to show that they are legal or genu- 12 o’clock 905,430,217 $580 m 2 April, ine. 50% 514 0.25 4/5 125 0.66 211.denomination: a class of units within a range or sequence of money, numbers. V. Decide which of these time prepositions completes each sentence:

II. Cross the word which is odd in the category: in – in – in – on – on – at – at – (nothing) a) way method means item 1. The performance is … 2003.

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