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International Readings on Theory, History and Philosophy of Culture & l Relationship to Ethical judgment Hermeneutical others program Original myth in Deep encounter, Symbolization the romantic sense imagination and (Schleiermacher) symbolization Monological fixed Domination of the Reaffirming the same myth one who has the sacred stories and power interpretations Relationship to the Ethical Hermeneutical other judgment program Classification of the (Ab)use of the Naive belief in other in a system other; egoism methodologies and already established classifications Trying to enlarge Struggle for Historicism trying to oneself in order to recognition understand the other comprehend the (Hegel, Honneth) better than he other understands himself Be open for the I Taking the other Consciousness of the Thou encounter; as an end in Wirkungsgeschichte ready to adapt all itself (Kant) concepts to the other in order to listen the truth as perceived by the other (cf. H.G. Gadamer, Wahrheit und Methode, 4. Ed. Tbingen: Mohr 1975, p. 341-344) aeca = = = = = = = = = = = Wer die Menschen einst fliegen lehrt, der hat alle Grenzsteine verrckt; alle Grenzsteine selber werden ihm in die Luft fliegen, die Erde wird er neu taufen - als die Leichte.

(Fridrich Nietzsche Also sprach Zarathustra) Zrich/Konstanz

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