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C and marble does too A ought B need C dont need D are to D marble either 56. That Jeorge knocking at the door.

46. The terrain in North Cardina includes both the Highlands the A need be B neednt C must be D has had to be Coastal Plain.

A and B as well as C and also D either 57. It hardly be right to punish an innocent man.

A should B must C need D can 47. Learners use both visual and auditory analytical means to un- derstand a new language. 58. He be in a meeting. I am not certain.

A as well as B both C as well D except A ought B needs C shouldnt D may 48. The belief in life after death is prevalent in both primitive 59. We the letter to the wrong address. Thats why she never resocieties advanced cultures. cieved it.

A and B and as well in C and also so D also as A must have sent B can send C need to send D may send 49. you type this letter for me 60. These men transferred to another prison tomorrow.

A Will B Do C Need D Ought A ought to B are to be C should D have to 50. He obviously isnt coming so we as well go home. 61. These men transferred to another prison tomorrow.

A had to B ought C should to D might A ought to B are to be C should D have to 35 62. Charles just like his father: tall and handsome. 71. Absolutely. I with you completely.

A looks B is looking C has looked D had looked A am agreeing B have agreed C am agree D agree 63. Youve only just started the job, havent you How on 72. What hes doing A do you get B did you get C is getting D are you getting A are you thinking B do you think 64. What of Toms new book C you think A you think B you thought C are you thinking D do you think D have you thought 65. John is in bed. He pneumonia. 73. Many books about success, but one of the best is How to Win A is having B has had C had D had just had Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

A had been written 66. To be honest, I whether Jim will be here next week. B are to be written A doubt B am doubting C will doubt D was doubting C will be written D have been written 67. The mythical hero Orpheus once the pine forests of the legen- dary Rhodopes. 74. While I shopping in Oxford Street I saw a car accident.

A is haunting B haunted C has haunted D had haunted A was B did C have done D was done 68. Look! The camera $ 55. 75. I in the cinema when a thief stole my handbag.

A is costing B costs C cost D will have cost A sat B had sat C was being seated D was sitting 69. People traditionally coloured eggs at Easter. 76. They did the washing up and to the theatre.

A prepare A were going B had gone C went D have gone B are preparing C have prepared 77. We had hoped that she her mind.

D had been preparing A will change B has changed 70. Oh, Im sorry, Ive spilt some tea. Where the paper towels C would change A are you keeping D had changed B do you keep C did you keep 78. President Wilson had hoped that World War I the last great D have you kept war, but only two decades later, the Second World War was erupting.

A had been B would be C has been D will be 37 79. It was late afternoon and it colder. 88. a mayor, many city governments employ a city manager.

A has been getting B gets C is getting D was getting A Beside B Except C Also D Besides 80. As I along the road to my house I noticed that the front door 89. The Mother Goose nursery rhymes have been traced to a colwas open. lection that appeared in England in 1760.

A was B walked C had walked D was walking A forth B out C back D near 81. People who have very little technical background to understand 90. resistance under Chief Tecumseh, the Shawness lost most of computer language. their lands to whites and were moved into territories.

A were learning A Despite of B Except C Besides D In spite of B would and learn C have learned 91. copper, which is the principal metal produced, gold, silver, D had been learnt lead, zinc, iron, and uranium are mined in Utah.

A Besides 82. Bob a lot of help since we arrived. B Instead of A gave B has given C was giving D had given C Despite of D Except 83. We have been friends since we children.

A were B have been C are D had been 92. It is possible to find the weight of anything that floats weighing the water that it displaces.

84. They three plates while they were staying in my house. A for B with C in D by A broke B were breaking C had broken D have broken 93. Everyone albinos has a certain amount of pigment in the skin 85. our dog, we have two cats and a canary. to add colour.

A Beside B Besides C Except D But for A but B that C without D not 86. There are no pouched animals in the United States the oppos- 94. This year, figuring standard income tax, taxpayers might also sum. have to compute alternative minimum tax.

A only B but only C besides D except A among B between C except D besides 87. To recieve a degree from an American university, one must take 95. Many roads and railroads were built in the 1880s the industrial courses those in ones major field. cities needed a network to link them with sources of supply.

A besides B except C beside D and A besides B because C despite D because of 39 96. Marge, three couples are invited. 104. I walked briskly up the path to the cottage which I for two A Besides B Except for C Except D Also months.

A didnt visit 97. I was wildly excited by what I. B havent visited A accomplish C was visiting B accomplished D hadnt visited C have accomplished D had accomplished 105. He in many films by the age of 25.

A appears 98. We ate the food that they in the fridge. B was appearing A had left B were leaving C have left D are leaving C appeared D had appeared 99. Martin picked up his briefcase, the door and hurried to the sta- tion. 106. By the late twenties, his friends down to respectable jobs.

A had locked B locked C was locking D has locked A were settling B had settled C have settled D settled 100. Sally walked towards the house. She her car out of sight. 107. He over 20 countries by the age of 20.

A parked B was parking C has parked D had parked A was visiting B visited C had visited D visits 101. By the time we got there, the others. 108. I the parcel when I got your fax.

A had left B would leave C have left D left A had sent B have sent C was sending D will send 102. She the room when the telephone rang. 109. Shes done well, she A had hardly entered A is B isnt C hasnt D did B hardly enters C was hardly entering 110. Youd better make reservations, you D has hardly entered A hadnt you B wouldnt C did D didnt 103. By 4 p. m. we all our work. 111. Youd rather have a Pepsi than a beer, you A finished A will B didnt C hadnt D wouldnt B had finished C were finishing 112. write this than print it, wouldnt you D have finished A Youd rather B Youd better C Youd rather not 41 D You will 124. Everyone who saw Star Wars said that one of the best sci ence fiction movies.

113. have some fresh air, shall we A there was B it was C theres D its A Lets B Will you C Shant we D Wont you 125. the athlete who everyone says will win the gold medal at the 114. answer these letters, hadnt I winter Olympic Games.

A Id better B Id rather C I had to D I hadnt better A This is B Theres C Its D Theirs 115. Poland have got a good team, 126. I think light enough to take a few more pictures.

A have it got B is it C havent they D have they got A its B theres C their is D its 116. We havent had a nice summer for ages, we 127. necessary to put a return address on all correspondence.

A have B hadnt C had D havent A There is B Its C Theirs D Its 117. Youd rather sit in the garden, you 128. a good idea to be careful in buying magazines from salesperA wouldnt B hadnt C didnt D will sons who may come to your door.

A Theirs B Theirs C Its D Its 118. Id better answer these letters, I A wouldnt B hadnt C did D didnt 129. is lovely today.

A There B Their C It D Which 119. We ought to be friendly, A ought we B dont we C oughtnt we D we ought 130. a fierce competition between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan for the Big Ten Championships.

120. Youd better take chemistry 600 this semester, you A Theres B Theirs C Its D Its A wouldnt B did C hadnt D didnt 131. she who suggested that he went to New York.

121. is no reason to worry. A There was B It was C Their D A It B There C Their D This 132. time we turned on the central heating. It is getting colder.

122. imperative that you be there in person. A There is B Its C Its D There was A Theres B Its C Their D Its 133. Once the house, Ill be moving in straightaway.

123. Im sorry, but any left. A is finished B will be finished A it isnt B there isnt C its D its C will finish D finished 43 134. As soon as he, I will come down and greet him. 143. If you before the last day of regular registration, you may A arrived B arrives C will arrive D had arrived have to pay a late fee.

A dont register B wont register 135. He wont be satisfied until he all his money back. C will have registered D might have registered A got B gets C will get D is getting 144. Ill phone you as soon as we there.

136. After you the test, youll recieve a certificate. A get B got C will get D will have got A will pass B passed C had passed D pass 145. The school doesnt allow.

137. Football teams dont play in the Super Bowl championship A smoke B smoking C to smoke D to be smoking either the National or the American Conference.

A unless they win B but they win 146. The police were instructed unnecessary force.

C unless they will win D but to have won A not to use B dont use C using D not using 138. Usually boys cannot become Boy Scouts the fifth grade. 147. I regret you that you have not been selected for interview.

A unless completed A to inform B to be informed B but to complete C to have been informing D C unless they wont have completed D unless they complete 148. They admitted members of the gang.

A to be B to have been C been D being 139. If water is heated to 212 degrees F. it as steam.

A will boil and escape B is boiling and escaping 149. Sorry, I meant you about the party.

C boil and escape D would boil and escape A to tell B telling C to have told D 140. If a live sponge is broken into pieces, each piece into a new 150. I immediately regretted this decision but I made it.

sponge like the original one. A to have made B to have been made A is turning B turned C turns D would turn C making D to make 141. I wont make a decision until I from you. 151. I regret my holiday in that place last year.

A hear B heard C had heard D will hear A to spend B spending C to have spent D to have been spent 142. If services are increased, taxes.

A will probably go up B probably are gone up 152. At one point I considered to Canada.

C probably up D had probably gone up A to emigrate B to have emigrating C emigrating D being emigrated 45 161. Richard from graduate school because he was incapable of 153. Ill always regret a place in Australia. You advised me to completing his research.

buy it but I didnt. A was believed to withdraw B believed to withdraw A not buying B not to buy C to buy D C believes withdrawing D believed and withdrew 154. The car wants. 162. to be hostile.

A to clean B cleaning A There appeared B It is appeared C to have been cleaned D being cleaned C They are appeared D They appear 155. Go on, finish the desert. It needs up because it wont stay 163. The manuscript in the 15th century.

fresh until tomorrow. A is believed to have been written A eat B eating C been eaten D eaten B believed to be written C was believed to write 156. whether he will accept the offer. D was believed to being written A Not known B It is not known C Its known D He is known 164. that the President may soon stand down.

A It seems B There seemed 157. that the future of advertising is on the Net. C It is seemed D There seems A It recognises B Widely recognised C It is widely recognised D To recognise widely 165. I have never boasting.

A heard them of B heard him 158. The outcome inevitable. C being heard D hear her A seems to be B seems being C seems her D is seemed as 166. The weather to be changing.

A was appeared B is appeared 159. He anything now. C appears D their appeared A seems to be writing B seems not writing C is writing D doesnt seem to be writing 167. the news reports are true.

A That appears B Appeared that 160. All the students are looking forward their free time relaxing C It is appeared D It appears that in the sun this semester.

A and spend B spending 168. He _ me.

C to spending D spend A is seem to avoid B avoids to seem C seems to be avoiding D seems and avoids 47 169. John to have left England last year. 176. The heavy swells and stiff winds of the Indian Ocean the A thinks B is thinking C is thought D thought inexperienced crew.

A caused problems for 170. The government money to operate by taxing cigarettes, liq- B are caused by problems for uor, gasoline, tires and telephone calls. C cause problems by A is raised by B rises C is risen D raises D and other problems are caused by 171. The famous architect was greatly, who wanted him to study 177. Work in units called foot pounds.

architecture. A often measures B is often measured A influenced by his mother C has often measured D will often measure B influencing his mother C influence his mother 178. The train commuters.

D influenced and his mother A packs with B has packed by C is packing with D is packed with 172. As a general rule, the standard of living by the average out- put of each person in society. 179. Do you want in the morning A is fixed B fixed C has fixed D fixes A woke up B to be woken up C to wake up D to be waking up 173. Hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent because it effec- tively whitens a variety of fibers and surfaces. 180. This new magazine is with interesting stories and useful inA used B has used C has been used D is used formation.

A full B thick C packed D fill 174. Oyster farming has in most parts of the world for many years. 181. If humans were totally deprived of sleep, they hallucinations, A practice B been practiced anxiety, coma, and eventually, death.

C practiced D practicing A would experience B experience C would have experienced D had experience 175. In the ionosphere, gases by high frequency radiation from the sun and other sources. 182. If drivers the speed limit, fewer accidents would occur.

A have been partly ionizing A obeyed B had obeyed C would obey D will obey B partly ionized C were partly being ionized 183. If teaching more, fewer teachers would leave the profession.

D have been partly ionized A pays B is paying C paid D had paid 49 184. If Americans ate fewer foods with sugar and salt, their general 191. If I had complained to the manager, I my money back.

health better. A will have had B will have A be B will be C is D would be C had had D would have had 185. She wouldnt have left if she. 192. If we saved $ 500, we for a holiday next year.

A had been promoted A would have enough B had promoted B would have had C didnt promote C will have D wouldnt promote D had 186. If I had stayed in last night, I so tired today. 193. We all a great artist.

A wouldnt have been A are supposed to be B wouldnt be B suppose C wasnt C supposed him D wont D supposed him to be 187. If dinosaurs roaming the earth, man would have evolved 194. Produced by Steven Spielberg, the film to be a success.

quite differently. A is bound B bounds C has bounded D bounded A had continued B would have continued 195. She to feel depressed about gaining weight.

C continue A is believed B will believe D would continue C cant believe D believed 188. If I Chinese, I would go and live there. 196. The movie starlet under the care of a psychiatrist.

A spoke B speak C had spoken D will speak A supposes B supposed being 189. If the Normans had not invaded England in the tenth century, the C is supposed to be English language in a very different way. D supposed to have been A develop B developed 197. that smoking is bad for your health.

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