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D takes a map and drives to few villages not to hear the sound of the D had a different image of Britain in mind before she left India.

motor car.

22. What surprised Mrs Gupta when she first arrived in Britain 18. Where would Richard go in the British Isles to find a natural environ- A A number of cars, big houses, night time.

ment B Streets, rows, light at night and daytime.

A He would prefer to stand somewhere to watch the sky and move C Nice bungalows and all the stuff.

with it. D The number of cars, the rows of houses, how much daylight there B Hed rather be surrounded by a storm and have no control of it. still was at 10 oclock at night.

C Hed rather be in any very, very dramatic and fast moving place in Britain. 23. What does she miss most about India D He would stand on the coast at Lyme Regis watching the storm. A The weather, friends, open-air evening activities.

B Most of her family who stayed in India.

19. What is Wendys favourite part of the British Isles in the last few years, C Her family on her mothers side and Pauls side.

where she could go for a week or so D Fresh Indian weather and proper seasons.

A The island of Scotland.

B Happy but different places. 24. The weather in Britain C The islands off Scotland. A is as fantastic as in India at proper seasons.

D The Scottish landscapes. B reminded Mrs Gupta of her Indian past.

C is a bit different from that in India.

20. Among the places that Wendy enjoyed in the last few years is also D terrifies her.

A The Atlantic Ocean.

B The wood at dusk. 25. What work does she do C The dramatic sea or sky in Scotland. A She is involved in the teaching project in Oxford and is going to D The highest mountain on Harris Clisham. start work.

B She teaches people English as a second language.

C She teaches methods of improving English as a second language.

D She sorts people according to their abilities to learn English as a T6 Questions 21-second language.

You are going to listen to an interview with Mrs Gupta, an Indian lady who came to live in England in 1965.

21. Mrs Gupta A was amazed by the image of India when she came to Britain.

B missed Indian images in the rows of British Rouses.

19 B an organised Russian community.

T7 Questions 26-C a place Ivan visits for birthday parties.

D a place where people can learn Russian with Ivan.

You will hear two friends, Paul and Stephanie talking about how Paul can get more information about Russia.

26. What programme on TV did Paul see T8 Questions 31-A The historic programme for history students who like rapid changes. You are going to listen to Tom, Sam and Hanna at the company meeting.

B The programme about the breaking down of the Berlin wall.

C Current affairs programme: Berlin everything is falling down. 31. The meeting discusses D Talk show from Berlin. A arrangements for the companys move to a new site.

B the advantages for the company of moving to Head Office.

27. Paul wanted C how to stop the company from moving to a new site.

A to get acquainted with a specialist in Russian history. D the disadvantages for the company of moving to the Innovations B to know more about the history of rapid changes in Eastern Park, the centre of town.


C Russia to change rapidly. 32. Sam believes that a purpose-built factory will D to go to Russia and learn Russian history there. A increase efficiency.

B improve their image.

28. Stephanie suggested that C attract more staff.

A Paul should talk to Ivan about the situation in Eastern Europe. D be four miles from Head Office.

B Ivan should have a Russian family.

C she should introduce Ivan and his Russian family. 33. Hanna thinks that if the company moves to the new site D Ivan should change his Russian family. A parking will be more difficult.

B a bus service will be essential.

29. Where did Paul want to meet Ivan C staff will have difficulty in getting to work.

A In Berlin, near the Berlin wall. D the workers will have an opportunity to work in the centre of town.

B Anywhere in Eastern Europe.

C At Anglo-Soviet Friendship Society meeting. 34. Tom agrees with Hanna that D At a party or somewhere like that. A the best staff will want to stay anyway.

B a bus service would be too expensive.

30. What does Anglo-Soviet Friendship Society deal with C a new building would be good for the companys image.

It is D the workers are loyal to the hief Executive.

A a group that organises social evenings, educational visits and ex- changes.

21 35. Most staff at the company B never prevent crime.

A have school age children. C control the order in his club and disco bar.

B are female. D guarantee the success of his club.

C would use the crche facilities.

D would prefer a corporate dining room. 40. The meeting soon got a bit out of hand as A there were hordes of young people waiting to go in to the night club.

B there was no point in discussing the topic.

T9 Questions 36-C everyone was trying to talk at the same time.

D all the residents wanted Mr Claydon to have his say.

You are going to listen to the discussion about building a nightclub in a residential area.

36. The residents T10 Questions 41-A were not aware of the topic for discussion.

B wasted their time discussing the agenda for the meeting. You are going to listen to the staff of a holiday company discussing some C were pleased to meet Mr Claydon to develop the project for the complaints they have recieved.

nightclub together.

D could hear Mr Claydon who suggested for considerations his plans 41. It about the night club and disco bar. A wasnt the first time there had been complaints about Hotel Splen dide.

37. Neither Mr Claydon nor the residents B was loyalty to the company over the last few months that was menA wanted noise, bad behaviour, litter in the streets. tioned in the report.

B were in favour of building a night club. C was the thank-you letter from the customers that caused trouble C thought the club would be good for the neighbourhood. to the holiday company.

D had anywhere to go. D was in July that the complaints became less serious.

38. According to Mr Claydon, the night club 42. Mr and Mrs Silk A was going to ruin peaceful nights by loud music. A were unhappy about the state of their room.

B could prove useful for young people. B were the troublemakers keen on moving to other hotels.

C would be a sure treatment for drugs. C wanted to change hotels.

D off the streets will stop all crime. D insisted that they should live further from the beach.

39. Mr Claydon mentioned that strict laws could 43. The Norrishes A stop the law-abiding citizens from going to Mr Claydons night A were not satisfied with the amount of compensation they recieved.


23 B said that a group of young men in the room next door upset them a great deal.

C made a lot of noise.

D broke into the room of their neighbours and tried to get them to dance.

44. The Barnes family A called the manager to pay compensation.

B all suffered from food poisoning.

C all had to go into hospital for a couple of days.

D didnt want to stay in hospital because they caught an infection there.

45. The company has decided Part III A to flow the Barnes family home early because the hospital could not treat them all.

B not to give the refund. Sample Questions for the C to end their contract with the hotel before the next holiday season.

D to renew the contract with the Hotel Splendide.

Grammar Section 25 Degrees of comparison Part III The Verb Sample Questions for the Grammar Section Tenses in the Active Voice:

Present Simple Past Simple This section tests your knowledge of English grammar in the following Future Simple fields:

Present Continuous The Noun and The Article Past Continuous Morphological composition of the noun Future Continuous Syntactical characteristics of the noun Present Perfect The category of number of the noun Past Perfect The category of case of the noun Future Perfect Use of articles with common nouns Use of articles with proper nouns Present Perfect Continuous Use of articles in some set expressions Past Perfect Continuous The Pronoun The Sequence of Tenses Personal pronouns: I, he, she, it, we, you, and they.

Possessive pronouns: my, his, her, its, our, your, their, mine, his, Reported Speech hers, ours, yours, theirs.

Questions and auxiliary verbs Reflexive pronouns: myself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourself (yourselves), and themselves.

Conditionals Reciprocal pronouns: each other, one another.

If sentences (present/future)- type 1.

Demonstrative pronouns: this (these), that (those), such, (the) same.

If sentences (present)- type 2.

Interrogative pronouns: who, whose, what, which.

If sentences (past)- type 3.

Indefinite pronouns: some, any, somebody, anybody, something, anything, someone, anyone, and one.

The Passive Voice Negative pronouns: no, none, neither, nobody, no one, nothing, The use of the Passive Voice hardly, scarcely, little.

The use of tenses in the Passive Voice The Adjective and the Adverb The Non-Finite Forms of the Verb Morphological composition -ing Forms VS The Infinitive Syntactical characteristics 27 Verb + -ing (Example: Stop talking!) Verb + infinitive (Example: We decided to take a taxi.) In each question, only one of the four answers is Directions:

Preposition + -ing (Example: I'm interested in doing it.) (Questions 1-240) correct. Choose the correct answer and mark it on Verb + preposition + -ing (Example: They talked about going to France.) your answer sheet. The example shows you what to Expressions+ -ing (Example: How often do you go shopping) do.

Verb + object + infinitive (Examples: I asked Polly to help me. We expected him to be late.) Example: 1. This a book.

Verb+Object (Examples: Jane often plays the piano. She likes chil A is B are C am D be dren very much.) Answer: 1. A Used to do VS to be (get) used to doing Modal Verbs 1. You shouldnt ask a question if you already know answer.

Can, could, be able to A the B a C an D May, might, be allowed to Must, have to, be to, should, ought 2. giraffe is the tallest animal on earth.

A B An C The D A Syntax Word Order and Embedded Questions 3. We dont know how old universe is.

Relative clauses A a B an C the D Questions Tag-questions 4. love had its claims.

It VS There A An B C The D A The Preposition 5. His parents couldnt afford to send him to university.

Morphological composition A the B a C an D Prepositions of place, direction, time,


relations 6. life of a diver is a dangerous one.

The Conjunctive A The B C This D An Morphological composition Coordinating, subordinating conjunctions (Examples: (n)or, as well 7. passion, whether its love or hatred, can involve a lot of suffering.

as, both and, (n)either (n)or, so, for) A The B This C D A 8. He needed a whisky, but bottle was empty.

A a B the C any D 29 9. I share anger that many of you must feel. 20. Why are you looking so pleased A an B the C a D that A on your own B yourself C with myself D with yourself 10. After 11 days in prison they were released. 21. He slapped me on the back it hurt a lot! A the B a C an D A myself B me C itself D his 11. Both of them found work in hospital. 22. Dont wait for us, help to some food.

A B the C these D an A you B them C on your own D yourself 12. You have to rely on reason, not authority. 23. information is currently available to researchers and physicians A the B a C an D who study and treat this problem.

A Many B Few C Little D A few 13. Make at home.

A yourself B him C you D himself 24. The woman to whom I was engaged has married else.

A some one B no body C someone D one 14. The English are great lovers of.

A themselves B ourselves C their D selves 25. After the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, the United States had it had previously owned.

15. The house is awful, but the garden is beautiful. A twice more land then A it B itself C on its own D himself B two times more land as C twice as much land as 16. I want you three to behave. D two times much land than A yourself B myself C yourselves D by yourself 26. Some retirement communities will not sell property to new residents 17. When I arrived, I was met by the president. unless they are about the rest of the residents.

A herself B myself C itself D themselves A the same age B the same old 18. Although the Ojibwa Indians fought frequently with the Sioux, they C the same age as didnt have contact with early white settlers. D the same old as A much B lots C many D large 27. Because there were so few women in the early Western states, the free19. Right, now we have to find a way out of this maze. dom and rights of Western women were more extensive EastA it self B by our own C by itself D ourselves ern ladies.

A than B than those of C and more D as 31 28. The oxygen concentration in the lungs is higher the blood. C is different from A than that of B than C and higher from D as D different as 29. It is generally accepted that the common cold is caused by forty 36. Ones fingerprints are.

strains of viruses that may be present in the air at all times. A different from those of any other person A as many as B more as C as much as D many more as B different from any other person C different any other person 30. There is disagreement among industrialists as to whether the products D differs from another person of this decade are inferior the past.

A than B to C to those of D as 37. He wont be here today, and.

A his sister wont neither 31. The Disney amusement park in Japan is Florida or California. B either will his sister A the largest than the ones in C neither will his sister B larger than the ones in D his sister too C larger the ones in D the largest of the ones 38. She hasnt finished the assignment yet, and.

A I neither B neither have I C I has too D neither I 32. It is generally true that the lower the stock market falls,.

A higher the price of gold rises 39. Technically, glass is a mineral and.

B the price of gold rise A water so B water is so C so is water D so water is C the higher the price of gold rises D rises high the price of gold 40. We are going to the concert, and.

A so going they B neither are they C they so D so are they 33. Although we often use speed and velocity interchangeably, in a technical sense, speed is not always velocity. 41. There are snacks in the refrigerator and in the oven.

A alike as B the same as C similar D as A as well as B and C both D also 34. The works of Picasso were quite during various periods of his 42. Although they are both grown in the United States and exported abroad, artistic life. corn is not native to America and winter wheat.

A differ B different C different from D different than A is neither B isnt either C isnt neither D is either 35. Modern blimps like the famous Goodyear blimps the first ones 43. According to many educators, television should not become a replacein that they are filled with helium instead of hydrogen. ment for good teachers, and.

A differ from A neither should computers B different from B computers too 33 C either computers 51. The course help me gain confidence I hope so! D neither are computers A should B ought C needs D neednt 44. Until recently West Point did not admit women and. 52. This be John now. I can hear his voice.

A Annapolis neither A neednt B must C shouldnt D is able to B neither did Annapolis C Annapolis too 53. As a teenager, I borrow my fathers car whenever I wanted.

D Annapolis as well A didnt have to B could C had to D neednt 45. Although most rocks contain several minerals, limestone contains only 54. She to say thank you but it was very kind of her to do so.

one,. A neednt B had C didnt need D ought A neither does marble B and marble neither 55. We wait for him at the gate before going in.

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