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Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации УДК 20 ББК 81.2 Омский государственный университет Х 680 Рекомендовано к изданию редакционно-издательским советом ОмГУ Рецензенты:

ст. преп. каф. англ. языка ОмГПУ Л.А. Бахмутская;

ст. преп. каф. англ. языка ОмГУ О.В. Гоголь Х680 Hobbies. Leisure Time: Учебно-методическое пособие (для студентов гуманитарных специальностей, изучающих HOBBIES. LEISURE TIME английский язык) / Сост.: Е.А. Бекерова, Е.В. Зайцева, О.Ю. Казарина. – Омск: Изд-во ОмГУ, 2004. – 123 с.

Учебно-методическое пособие ISBN 5-7779-0495-5 (для студентов гуманитарных специальностей, Учебно-методическое пособие содержит тексты и зада- изучающих английский язык) ния для чтения и аудирования, лексико-грамматические и коммуникативные задания, словарь лексики и охватывает все аспекты обучения устной речи – аудирование, монологическую и диалогическую речь. Предлагаются упражнения, которые позволяют использовать как индивидуальную, так и разные формы интерактивной деятельности обучаемых (парную, групповую, фронтальную). Даны разнообразные задания для самостоятельной работы студентов. Пособие разработано с учетом принципа коммуникативной направленности и соответствует современным требованиям преподавания иностранных языков.

Для студентов гуманитарных специальностей, изучающих английский язык.

Изд-во ОмГУ Омск 2004 ISBN 5-7779-0495-5 © Омский госуниверситет, 2004 TASK 2 Warming-ups TASK 1 Popular home-based leisure activities An average family day 43% – Do-it-yourself 1. Study the diagram:

46% – Gardening 1 – Sleep 60% – Reading books and newspapers 2 – Breakfast travel 73% – Listening to music 3 – Start work, start school 3 88% – Listening to the radio 4 – Lunch 95% – Visiting friends or relatives 5 – Finish school 99% – Watching TV 6 – Finish work 7 – Free time, homework 1. Study the chart properly.

8– Dinner 2. Describe a typical British Sunday.

9 – Watching TV 3. Does it differ a lot from the typical Russian Sunday Is there a special Sunday atmosphere in our country 2. Now answer these questions:

4. Tick the activities that people do in your family. Make a - How much do the people work similar chart for your family. What is the most popular spare-time - How much time do they spend on eating meals activity - How much time do they spend on eating meals - How much leisure time do they have TASK Survey questions 3. Make comparisons for your own family/country.

1. Are you a member of a youth group 2. Do you play video games 4. Draw a similar diagram and complete it for your family.

3. How much time do you spend on playing computer 4. Do you prefer outdoor or indoor pursuits 5. How many hours do you spend on TV and Internet per day 6. If you could take up a new pastime what would you do 7. What are you favourite hobbies 3 TASK No time to see in broad daylight, Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

Look at the proverbs below, guess their meaning No time to turn at Beauty’s glance, And watch her feet, how they can dance.

1. Art is long, life is short.

2. Every man has his hobby-horse.

A poor life this is if full of care, 3. Tastes differ.

We have no time to stand and stare.

4. The busiest man finds the most leisure.

5. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

6. There is a time for everything.

7. The one who is first to act achieves success.

Vocabulary I. Hobbies Explain the meaning of each proverb in English. Think of Russian equivalents of these proverbs.

Ex. 1. Answer these questions:

Do you agree or disagree with the proverbs Do you follow any 1. Have you got a hobby If so, what is it of them 2. How long have you had this hobby Why do you like it 3. Is it an expensive hobby TASK 4. How much time do you spend on your hobby 5. Is it a common hobby in your country Read the poem “Leisure” and answer the following questions:

6. Write down three other common hobbies in your country.

1. What is meant by the word “leisure” What does leisure If possible, ask another person these questions.

consist of What activities does it include How can you characterize it 2. What is the main idea of the poem Ex. 2. From the following list of pictures representing people’s 3. What is your idea of leisure time What does it include hobbies find out the proper ones to fulfill the table below. Before How would you characterize your leisure time doing this connect the pictures and the things they denote:

Things Things Outdoor Creative hobbies people play people collect activities Leisure by W.H. Davies What is this life if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare No time to see, when woods we pass, Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

5 6. I joined a club because I wanted to get better, and I now play Cards twice a week in the evenings. It has helped me a lot and I Board games have a much better memory for all the different moves and DIY- do it yourself strategies.

Chess 7. I think this is a very common hobby for people like me, who Jogging have a house but don't have much money. That's why I Hunting started, but now I think I do a better job than many Camping professionals.

Saxophone Hiking Ex. 4. Complete these sentences with a suitable verb.

Rock climbing 1. How often do you jogging Stamps 2. She………….. hiking because she wanted to get more Photography exercise. Unfortunately, she didn't like it and she it about six Sewing months later.

Coins 3. She has always……….. her own clothes; it's much cheaper Antiques than buying them.

Guitar 4. He old coins.

5. I ……………. quite a lot of rock climbing when I'm on Ex. 3. Here are some people talking about their hobbies. Can you holiday.

guess what the hobby is in each case 6. I learnt to the piano when I was at school.

7. I wanted to improve my chess, so I a chess club.

1. I usually use colour, but sometimes you get a better effect 8. I don't really anything in my spare time.

with black and white. It really depends on the subject.

2. I really enjoy going round the shops and markets looking for a bargain.

3. I try to practise every day, but sometimes it's difficult because I don't like to disturb my neighbours too much. And one neighbour gets very angry if I play the same thing over and over again.

4. The great thing is you can do it when you like. I usually do it three or four times a week - either early in the morning, or after school, I only go for about 25 minutes but it really keeps me fit.

5. Obviously it saves me a lot of money; and in any case, I hate buying things in boutiques because so many things are badly made.

7 Note: When you describe the playing area for Course II. Sports football and the area around for the crowd (people Coach Ex.1 Give the names to the following ball games and equipment:

who watch, also called 4), it is called a Umpire 5_. Spectators Players: Some games are played by individuals, Captain others are _6 games. In a team, one player is Referee the 7_, and there is a manager (e.g. in Linesmen football) or a _8 (e.g. in basketball). Line judges Officials: Football, rugby and hockey have a _9_ but tennis, cricket and baseball have an10_. In football the referee has a whistle to control the game and two _11, in tennis there are _12_ to decide if the ball is 'in' or 'out'.

Ex. 2. Define the following sports and required equipment:

Ex. 5. Look through the table carefully and tell about some extra football basketball soccer squash cricket volleyball sports and necessary equipment:

rugby golf table tennis badminton Other sports Name Equipment Place athletics vest, shorts, running shoes or spikes track Ex. 3. Describe your actions while playing the ball games using the motor racing crash helmet track verbs below:

swimming swimming costume (women); trunks pool (men) boxing vest, shorts, gloves, boots ring skiing sticks, ski suit, ski boots slopes (piste) Ex. 6. True or false If false, correct the sentence to make it true.

to throw to pass to catch to hit to head to kick 1. The people who watch a football match are the audience.

2. The official who gives the score in tennis is the umpire.

Ex. 4. Complete the information about fans and places where sport 3. Athletes wear shorts.

events take place:

4. You need a stick to play hockey.

The playing area for football, rugby, hockey and Pitch 5. Boxers wear gloves.

cricket is called a 1; for tennis, volleyball, Stadium 6. Tennis is played on a pitch.

basketball, squash and badminton it is a Court 7. The referee in football has a whistle.

2_; for golf it is a _3. Team 8. Women wear trunks for swimming.

9 Ex. 7. Answer these questions. If possible, ask a friend the same 5. Which of these is not a winter sport questions.

a. tobogganing 1. Are there any games or sports that you watch but don't play b. skating If so, what are they and where do you watch them c. jogging 2. Are there any games or sports you play/do yourself If so, d. skiing which 6. Which of these is not an Olympic sport 3. Are there any that you are good at a. parachuting 4. Are there any that you hate b. rowing 5. Are there any that are not played much in your country c. shooting 6. Which game or sport is the most popular in your country d. archery 7. Which game or sport is the most dangerous in your opinion 8. Which game or sport requires the most strength 7. Where was the 1994 World Cup final held 9. Which one has the biggest crowds a. Los Angelos b. Chicago Ex. 8. Sport activities quiz c. New York 1. Which of these sports is not played with a racquet d. San Francisco a. squash 8. Which of these games is not played on a table b. badminton a. snooker c. tennis b. dominoes d. cricket c. darts 2. Which of these sports uses an oval ball d. billiards a. soccer 9. Which of these is not a martial art b. rugby a. judo c. water polo b. karate d. hockey c. croquet 3. Which of these sports is not played over a net d. jujitsu a. volleyball 10. Which of these is not a water sport b. tennis a. windsurfing c. squash b. abseiling d. badminton c. rowing 4. Which of these sports does not involve throwing something d. snorkeling a. javelin b. shotput c. pole vault d. discus 11 Ex. 9. Which of the mentioned above activities you find mostly:

like football and tennis. SKILL If athletes are _6_, they can use COMPETE amazing boring delighting embarrassing exciting frightening opportunities to save vital seconds and increase their lead over other 7_. FIT puzzling fascinating interesting captivating extreme ordinary Regular running helps general health and EFFICIENT popular _8_, sharpening the senses and improving the _9_ of the STRONG dangerous funny enjoyable challenging tiring draining exhausting heart and lungs. It can also improve stamina and general _10.

rousing expensive cheap safe remarkable slow unpleasant.

III. Leisure activities Ex. 10. Complete the sentences with the appropriate adjectives:

Answer these questions:

1. It’s _ to swim after a heavy meal.

1. What type of character are you 2. It’s _ to wear a helmet when you go cycling.

2. Are you an out-going person or not 3. It’s _ to wear a life-jacket when you go canoeing.

3. What is your favourite occupation in leisure time 4. It’s _ to take a guide when you go into the 4. Did (or will you) you choose your job by economic necessity mountains.

5. What is your friend’s hobby What do passive people do 5. It’s _ to buy good quality diving equipment.

during leisure hours 6. It’s _ to finish a Football World Cup with penalty 6. How does a creative type of character spend his leisure time shots.

7. Why should leisure be refreshment 7. It’s _ to shake hands with your opponent after a tennis match.

Music Ex. 11. Read the short extract below. Use the words given on the Ex.1. Use the information given below to complete the chart.

left of each line to form a word that fits the space on the same line.

Search for some additional information.

After reading discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Classical music: e.g Beethoven's piano concertos, Schubert's running.

symphonies. Beethoven and Schubert are both composers (= people Running who write classical music) and most of their music is played by an In ancient Greece running had a special IMPORTANT orchestra (= large group of musicians including violins, cellos, etc.) importance at the opening event of the Olympics which is led by a conductor, e.g. Georg Soiti or Loren Maazel, as leader.

and was a part of all public games. _1 SUCCESS Opera (= a play in which the words are sung): e.g. La Boheme by runners were held in great respect and received HIGH Puccini, Carmen by Bizet.

the 2_ rewards. Running is natural ACTIVE Rock and pop music: e.g. U2, Bon Jovi, Maria Carey. This music _3 and as well as events like the marathon PREPARE is played by groups/bands, e.g. Bon Jovi, Simply Red; or solo artists, that require very special 4, it is CENTRE also a 5_ part of many other sports 13 e.g. Madonna. Many solo artists, e.g. Phil Collins, are singer- Ex. 2. What types of painting are these songwriters (= they write and perform/play their own songs).

a portrait Jazz: e.g. Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Stan Getz.

(= a painting of part of the Style Instruments Musicians Popular Period countryside) persons of time (= a painting that is not realistic') a self-portrait (= a painting of a person) = a painting of the artist by himself/herself) Ex. 2. Create a list of different musical instruments and people who a landscape play them starting from the information given at the pictures and an


painting then adding some extra ones:

cellist saxophonist Theatre and Cinema Ex. 1. Match the words from the left with the words from the right:

flautist 1. actress a) занавес 2. a musician b) бельэтаж guitarist saxophone drums 3. a prompter c) номерок (гардероба) 4. a composer d) композитор Art 5. a stage-manager e) суфлер Ex. 1. Before speaking about arts and leisure read and analyze 6. a cloakroom f) постановщик these sayings. 7. a curtain g) гардероб 8. a check h) оперный театр Give your personal opinion:

9. a stage i) репетиция 1. Art if long, life is short. – Искусство вечно, (а) жизнь 10. scenery j) место (в театре) коротка.

11. an opera-house k) комедия 2. Every man has his hobby-horse. – У всякого свой конек.

12. a rehearsal l) аплодировать 3. Tastes differ. – О вкусах не спорят.

13. the dress-circle m) музыкант 4. The busiest man finds the most leisure. – Самый занятой 14. a seat n) сцена человек находит больше всего досуга.

15. the comedy o) актриса 16. to applaud p) декорации 15 Ex. 2. Say what they do. enjoy (a party, a play etc.) получить удовольствие от… A dancer, an usher, an actor, a conductor, a singer, a clerk, a ticket 9. show оперетта taker, an actress, a musician, a composer, a prompter, a producer, a 10. variety show эстрадный концерт spectator, a playwright.

11. ballet досуг 12. opera концерт Ex. 3. Give words or word combinations for the definitions:

13. musical comedy представление 1. the part of the theatre where the audience sits;

14. drama драма 2. a raised platform in a theatre where the actors appear;

15. tragedy трагедия 3. the highest balcony where the cheapest seats are placed;

16. concert опера 4. a place where hats and coats may be left;

17. spectator зрительная аудитория 5. a piece of wood or metal with a number on it given in return 18. audience зритель for hat or a coat;

19. be a success (be popular with the иметь успех 6. a set of actors in a play;

public) 7. programme;

20. be a failure провалиться, не иметь 8. the main role;

успеха 9. a trial performance of a play;

21. film (picture; movie) мультфильм 10. a person who shows people to their seats;’ 22. cartoon кинофильм 11. seats in the theatre behind the stalls.

23. feature художественный (фильм) Ex. 4. Connect the topical vocabulary with the Russian translation:

Ex. 5. What do the words in italics refer to in the sentence below 1. leisure балет 2. spare time любимое занятие a. It was so boring I fell asleep in the first act.

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