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Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 101 Сценарий праздника Рождеcтво в Великобритании Автор работы: Постыка Ирина Викторовна Учитель высшей категории Краснодар 2008 Предварительная работа: 1) Подготовка презентации « Рождество».

2) Изучение материалов по данной теме.

3) Разучивание стихотворений и песен.

4) Разучивание ролей из спектакля.

Обучающие цели: Развитие коммуникативных компетенций;

увеличение объема знаний по теме; увеличение объема используемых лексических единиц.

Развивающие цели: Развитие навыков аудирования; монологического высказывания по теме; развитие лексических и грамматических навыков.

Воспитательные цели: Воспитание нравственности, интереса к предмету, культуры общения в коллективной деятельности.

Ход праздника.

1.Звучит рождественская песня “ We wish you a Merry Christmas” 2. Ведущий: And we are happy to represent and play our performance CHRISTMAS IN GREAT BRITAN. Christmas Day, December 25, is probably the most popular holiday in Great Britain. It is a family holiday. Traditionally all relatives and friends give each other presents. So, before Christmas all the department stores and shops are crowded, everybody is choosing a present. In general, people get prepared for this holiday very carefully. They decorate their houses in the traditional way. Christmas trees are set up in houses, in the streets and churches.

They are always decorated with fairy lights, angels and small toys. In addition, little packets with nuts, candies and special biscuits are hung on the tree. Presents are put around the tree and artificial «frost» is scattered over the branches.

3. Ведущий: Hello, everybody! We are glad to see you in this nice place.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth changed the whole world -- and He can change your life today. Jesus was born in the little town of Bethlehem in Israel over 2,000 years ago; His mother was the virgin Mary. When He was born, an angel proclaimed to shepherds in the field "Unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord." Each year, it is traditional to give gifts at Christmas. Just as you give gifts to your loved ones, God is offering you a gift as well: the gift of complete forgiveness, freedom from sin, and eternal life with Him in heaven. Just like you must accept a Christmas gift for it to be yours, you must accept God’s gift of salvation.

4. Ведущий.

In Great Britain, the Christmas tree became popular while Queen Victoria ruled the country.

Besides the Christmas tree, holly and mistletoe are used to decorate the house. Branches of holly are put up behind pictures and mistletoe is hung over doors, so the young people have a chance to kiss the girls under it, plucking each time a red berry from the mistletoe. It is said that the girl who was not kissed under it at Christmas would not get married that year.

On the eve of Christmas children hang their stockings, so that Santa Claus could put presents into them: oranges, sweets, nuts and if the child didn't behave properly Santa Claus can put there a piece of coal as punishment.

5. Ведущий.

In the afternoon, people visit family and friends. Some churches in Great Britain have a Christingle service (a carol service that originated in Scandinavia) on the fourth Sunday of Advent. After the service, every child received an orange and candle wrapped in a red ribbon to represent Jesus, his blood and his love for the world. British children write letters to Father Christmas and throw them into the fireplace so they float up the chimney to the North Pole. If letters get burn, they need to be rewritten. The traditional plum pudding is served with little treasures hidden inside it and people who find it are considered lucky for the whole year. The tradition of hanging mistletoe began in Britain.

6. Ведущий:

Santa Claus got his name from a man known as St. Nicolas, who lived in the fourth century. He gave his wealth to the poor and often to children. After he died, the Dutch brought this legend to colonial America. Soon the Dutch name Sinter Klaus became Santa Claus.

We all know the story about Santa. He lives on North Pole along with his wife, elves and reindeers. Elves help him to process requests of millions of children who write letters to Santa every year requesting for toys and other wishes, to help him determine whether these children have been good or bad, to fulfill the wishes of all good children and make requested toys for them. On Christmas Eve, Santa wears his famous red suit with white snow-white trimmings, puts all the toys on his sleigh and nine reindeers are attached to the sleigh to pull it.

7. Ведущий.

The bright red nose of Rudolph the Reindeer acts as an indicator to tell the direction.

Santa parks his sleigh on the roof of the household, climbs down the sleigh, look for the right gifts, climbs down the chimney of each household, laugh in his famous way 'Ho! Ho! Ho!', drink and eat the milk and cookies kept for him by the children and keep the requested gifts for them under the tree, fill the stockings, come back up and sit in his sleigh. He is to do all this and more in one night! There are some things which make us doubt, whether Santa Claus really exists or if he does, whether he is really alive or is he dead already.

8. Ведущий.

Before Christmas and also in Christmas, groups of singers go from house to house. They collect money and sing traditional Christmas songs or old carols. There are a lot of popular Christmas songs and carols in Great Britain.

Carol singing is an essential part of Christmas. No church or school is without its carol service. Carols may be traditional or with some variations that express different feelings. Carols were used for the first time during Christmas in the fifteenth century.

Usually children come around in the evening to the front doors and start singing carols and people who live in these houses give children candies, nuts, pies and so on, to thank them for carol singing.

Звучит песня Silent Night, Holy Night Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright Round your Virgin mother and child Holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, holy night Shepherds quake at the sight Glories stream from heaven after Heavenly host sing Alleluia Christ the savior is born Christ the savior is born.

Silent night, holy night Son of God, love's pure light Radiant beams from thy holy face With the dawn of redeeming grace Jesus lord at thy birth Jesus lord at thy birth.

9. Ведущий: A typical Christmas lunch includes turkey with cranberry sauce and pudding.

Every young woman in each household helps to stir the Christmas pudding, if she wishes to be married that year. Usually a coin or two are hidden inside the pudding and part of the fun is to see who finds it.

After the lunch they go to the sitting room to listen to the Christmas speech of the Queen, shown on TV. So, Christmas is a merry family holiday for all the people of Great Britain. Christmas comes but once a year.

10. Ведущий. Boxing Day December 26th i Boxing Day. Traditionally, boys from the shops in each town asked for money at Christmas. They went from house to house and took boxes made of wood with them. At each house people gave them money. This was a Christmas present. So the name of this day doesn’t come from the sport of boxnig- it comes from the boys’ wooden boxes. Now, Boxing Day is an extra holiday after Christmas Day...

Most people go out to see friends, watch sports events, go to theatre to see a pantomime, or increasingly nowadays, go shopping.

11. Ведущий.

Christmas holiday are not over after 26th December. In fact, many offices and factories are close for whole Christamas period from 24th December to 2nd January. On New Year’s Eve there are a lot of parties and at midnight everyone joins hands to sing Aloud Lang Syne. Then after New Year’s Day to sleep it off, that’s Christmas over for another year.

Звучит песня. Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And days of lang syne! For auld lang syne, my dear,for auld lang syne, We’ll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne.

We two have wandered in the brook From morning sun till dine, But seas between us broad have roared Since auld lang syne For auld lang syne, my dear,for auld lang syne, We’ll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne And there’ a hand, my trusty friend, And give us a hand of thine, And we’ll take a right hearty drink.

For auld lang syne.

12. Сцены из спектакля.

Narrator: The North Pole home with Santa, the elves and the reindeer.

One Christmas many years ago Santa was very busy. Almost all the toys were wrapped, and Santa was busily reading the last letters sent to him that year. Santa finally finished the last letter.

Santa: The last letter. We have just two more days to work. The gifts are almost ready for the boys and girls.

Elf 1: It won’t be long now. It will be Christmas Eve. We sure had lots of letters this year.

Elf 2 Even the reindeer are excited. Rudolph has been keeping his nose shined up in case of fog.

Elf 1: Here Santa, help yourself. Sit back and relax.

Santa: Thank you, dear. Ahh! This chocolate celebrates a job well done by all.

Elf 2 takes a letter from the reindeer and gives it to Santa.

Elf 2: Santa, Rudolph gave me this letter. He says the reindeer nuzzled it from under the snow.

Elf 1: It looks like it has been on the ground for a long time.

Santa opens it and begins reading.

Santa: Dear Santa, my name is Joey and I live near the edge of the town with my mum. And I am writing to tell you what I want for Christmas. My dad is a sailor and he has been gone a long time. I have been very good all year. I like toys, but what I really want is to have Dad come home and see us this Christmas. Thank you. Love. Joey.

Santa leans back and looks at the envelope.

Santa: Why, this letter must have been lost all year. It’s dated one year ago today. Little Joey never heard From me last year. What can I do (thinking) Narrator: Tom and his friend are sleeping on a ship. On a ship a sailor turns on his cot and finally awakens. His friend also wakes up.

Sailor: Tom, You’ve been talking in your sleep. You said something about your wife and kids.

Tom: I was having a dream. I dreamt I was home again talking to Sara and Joey, my little girl.

I miss them so much. If only I could get home this Christmas.

Sailor: We are in port now. Maybe the captain would let you visit them for a few days. WE aren’t leaving for two weeks.

Tom: I wonder. (thinking) Narrator: It is Christmas morning at Joey’s home. Mother carries a stocking AND calls Joey and she enters without a smile.

Sara: Joey, you have some presents to open. Oh, what a nice doll you have.

Joey: I know, but Santa didn’t bring me what I wanted. He did not bring Dad home last year, so I didn’t write him this year.

There is a tap on the door.

Sara: Who is it Tom enters.

Tom: Hello, family! It’s me. The captain said I could come home. I just got off the train. Hi, Sara, Joey! They all stare in disbelief. They run to him and embrace.

Sara: What a surprise! I can’t believe in it.

Joey: My lovely dad! I am so happy! Tom: Joey, when I came to the door, I found this letter. It has your name on it. (He hands the letter to Joey) Joey: (reading the letter aloud) Dear Joey, I am so sorry I didn’t get to your house last Christmas. Your letter came to me just two days ago. It had been list for a whole year under the snow. I felt very sad. I am so glad you will see your father this year. Have a very merry Christmas! Love, Santa.

Joey smiles and cries out: Oh dad! This is the best Christmas ever. Thank you, Santa! 13. Песня « Jingle Bells».

14.. Викторина « Что ты знаешь о Рождестве» 15. Подведение итогов.

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